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July 2, 2017 Trinity 3
Pro. 519 Once to every man and nation
Ser. 148 O God beneath thy guiding hand
Ves. 143 God of our fathers
Rec. 141 My country, ‘tis of thee

July 9, 2017 Trinity 4
Pro. 289 O God, our help in ages past
Ser. 294 Sing, my soul
Ves. 196 Bread of the world
Rec. 311 All things bright and beautiful

July 16, 2017 Trinity 5
Pro. 347 Alleluia! Sing to Jesus
Ser. Fairest Lord Jesus
Ves. 328 By cool Siloam’s shady rill
Rec. 345 The King of love

July 23, 2017 Trinity 6
Pro. 479 Love divine, all loves excelling
Ser. 375 Breathe on me Breath of God
Ves. 367 When morning gilds the skies
Rec. 363 Lord of all hopefulness

July 30, 2017 Trinity 7
Pro. 385 Glorious things of thee are spoken
Ser. 376 Come down O Love divine
Ves. 430 Lead, kindly light
Rec. 408 Take my life

July 3, 2016 Trinity 6
Pro. 143 God of our fathers
Ser. 142 O say can you see
Ves. 141 My country, ‘tis of thee
Rec. 146 God bless our native land

July 10, 2016 Trinity 7
Pro. 288 O worship the King
Ser. 271 Come, thou almighty King
Ves. 322 Jesus, good above all other
Rec. 266 Holy, holy, holy

July 17, 2016 Trinity 8
Pro. 282 Praise, my soul
Ser. 346 Fairest Lord Jesus
Ves. 359 Golden harps are sounding
Rec. 393 Faith of our fathers

July 24, 2016 Trinity 9
Pro. 311 All things bright and beautiful
Ser. 422 What a friend
Ves. 409 Just as I am
Rec. 426 He leadeth me

July 31, 2016 Trinity 10
Pro. 347 Alleluia, sing to Jesus
Ser. 430 (2) Lead, kindly light
Ves. 345 (2) The King of love
Rec. 769 Joyful, joyful

Aug. 3, 2014  Trinity 7

Pro.  355  All hail the power

Ser.  328  By cool Siloam’s shady rill

Ves.  345 (2)  The King of love

Rec.  363  Lord of all hopefulness


Aug.  10, 2014  Trinity 8

Pro.  780  Christ is made the sure foundation

Ser.  585 (1)  Jerusalem, my happy home

Ves.  376  Come down, O Love divine

Rec.  347 (2)  Alleluia!  Sing to Jesus


Aug. 17, 2014  Trinity 9

Pro.  523  God the Omnipotent

Ser.  506 (tune 150)  Father in heaven

Ves.  270  Holy, Holy, Holy

Rec.  311  All things bright and beautiful


Aug. 24, 2014  Trinity 10

Pro.  288  O worship the King

Ser.   278  All people that on earth do dwell

Ves.  381  Triumphant Sion

Rec.  563  He who would valiant be


Aug. 31, 2014  Trinity 11

Pro.  562  Stand up, stand up for Jesus

Ser.  467  Abide with me

Ves.  438  I need thee every hour

Rec.  426  he leadeth me

Feb. 2, 2014  Epiphany 4

Pro.  48  Earth has many a noble city

Ser.  46  Brightest and best

Ves.  50 (1)  Saw you never

Rec.  10  On Jordan’s bank


Feb. 9, 2014  Epiphany 5

Pro.  54  Allelulia, songs of gladness

Ser.  328  By cool Siloam’s shady rill

Ves.  53  Songs of thankfulness

Rec.  545  Hail to the Lord’s anointed


Feb.  16, 2014  Septuagesima

Pro.  550  Am I a soldier of the cross

Ser.  557  Awake, my soul

Ves.  560  Fight the good fight

Rec.  565  Breast the wave, Christian


Feb. 23, 2014  Sexagesima

Pro.  563  He who would valiant be

Ser.  558  Oft in danger

Ves.  401  Behold a sower

Rec.  564  How firm a foundation

On Sept. 11 St. Francis Parish had its annual Parish Meeting and a regular Vestry Meeting following service and a wonderful luncheon.
Special thanks went out to Gary Kester for his weekly articles in the local newspaper which lets everyone in the community know what is going on at St. Francis. And special thanks were extended to Brian Connell for the extremely nice file cabinet he installed in the sacristy. Now we have a place for all our files currently housed in small file cabinets and paper boxes.
We also set a date for the annual Fall Work Day on Oct. 2 with a rain date of Oct. 9. In connection with the work day, new paint for the church doors and the porch floor were discussed. Also, we asked Eric Fancher to take a look at the cross on the roof to see if he might make us a new one, as the one we have now is beginning to show its age.
Our new vestry was selected at the parish meeting. Serving are: Tom Berthold, Rita Fancher, and Carrie Compton for three years; Gary Kester, Anna Meador, and Lincoln Connell (youth representative) for two years; and Stephanie Connell, Anne Sasko, and Penelope Willard for one year.

The January Vestry Meeting was held on Jan. 16 following service and a wonderful luncheon. The agenda was full but dealt with in an unusually rapid process.

Upkeep of our parish cemetery was one of the first considerations discussed. It was decided to check into having the picket fence either replaced or restored along with the gate which has been giving us trouble for awhile. Also the statues need to be stabilized from the wind.

Several fix-ups for the building were discussed. We have some gutters that need attenion and also work on the drains. Upstairs the nave walls and ceiling need a new coat of paint with some touchups in other areas. Also the porch floor has seen better days and is beginning to look a little shabby.

Downstairs the carpet in the parish hall needs at least a spot cleaning and maybe a complete cleaning. There are areas here, too, that may need paint touchups.

Scheduling for the spring and fall picnics as well as the spring and fall workdays will have to wait until next vestry meeting.

Work is underway for the design and construction of a new stable for our Nativity figures. Afer many years we will be sorry to say goodby to the one we use now, but its condition is beyond repair and it has served us very well.