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Sunday June 7 2015 Ordination at St Stephen-2

The ordination of Deacon Kenyon Bunch took place on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the newly completed St. Joseph Anglican Church in Branson, MO. with 45 in attendance. An Italian lunch followed.

St. Joseph Anglican Church hosted the fifth annual convention of the Missionary Diocese of the South and Ozarks in Branson, MO on September 19, 2014. The Rt. Rev. Glen Hartley presided with attending clergy and delegates from St. Joseph Anglican Church in Branson; St. Francis Anglican Church in Ava, MO; St. Barnabas Anglican Church in Heber Springs, AR; and Christ Church Chapel, Fairdealing, KY.

The convention began with Morning Prayer and Holy Communion at 9 a.m. Following the worship service clergy and lay members convened with a call to order at 10:30 a.m. in the parish hall for the business meeting. The Rev. Canon Tom Bradshaw served as Secretary of the Convention.

After some discussion, it was agreed that the annual convention in 2015 will be convened at Christ Church, Fairdealing, KY, with the Rev. Dr. Tom Hiter hosting.

Reports on the Planning Coommittee recommendations were presented including: Communications, Education, Clergy Training, the future selection of a Diocesan News Coordinator, and the need for uniformity of communications, tithing, and the production of a diocesan calendar.

Following lunch, the meeting resumed with a presentation by Fr. Tom Hiter on “visioning.”

Six attendees took part in the first on-site session of the diocesan clergy-training program.  The weekend session, conducted at St. Barnabas Church in Heber Springs, Arkansas was well received with much enthusiasm.

The six students were: Kenyon Bunch from St. Joseph’s Church in Branson, Missouri; Joe Criswell from St. Francis Church, Ava, Missouri; Tom Hiter from Christ Chapel, Benton, Kentucky; Jack Sotallaro and David Cranford from St. Barnabas Church, Heber Springs, Arkansas; and Mitch Hensley from Covenant Anglican Church, Heber Springs, Arkansas.

Saturday’s session was an introductory program detailing the scope of the two-year course and a dynamic lecture introducing Holy Scriptures by Fr. Brad Sneed of Covenant Anglican.

Donna Bradshaw of St. Barnabas coordinated the meals and the reviews were top notch!  Late Saturday afternoon members of St. Barnabas joined the students for a social hour.

On Sunday the group participated in Morning Prayer and Holy Communion and then St. Barnabas hosted a lunch.  Before leaving, assignments to be completed before the next session were given to the students.

St. Barnabas Church in Heber Springs is located in one of the most beautiful natural spots in Arkansas, near Greer’s Ferry. Bp. Glen and Laurie had a nice leisurely drive through mountains covered in fall colors on Saturday, Nov. 9, to attend a dinner with the vestry of St. Barnabas. The food was delicious and the fellowship extraordinary.

On Sunday following Morning Prayer and a coffee time, Bp. Glen celebrated Holy Communion for the 24th Sunday after Trinity, assisted by Canon Tom Bradshaw.

Following the service members of Covenant Anglican Church, also in Heber Springs, with Fr. Brad, joined the folks at St. Barnabas for lunch and fellowship. It was special meeting these people and also seeing a number of young children in the combined groups.

It was a wonderful trip filled with fabulous people. It’s always a pleasure to visit the St. Barnabas congregation.

Canon Tom & Donna Bradshaw

Convention of The Missionary Diocese of the South & Ozarks –
Meeting 27 September 2013 at St Francis Church in Ava, Missouri

After Morning Prayer – Communion Service and following a lovely luncheon prepared by the
Ladies of St. Francis, the business meeting was opened with a prayer by Fr. Tom Bradshaw.

Bishop Hartley then determined that a quorum was present, there being 5 out of 6 churches
represented: St. Barnabas, Christ’s Chapel, St. Francis, St. Joseph, and St. Matthews.

It was moved that a 12 member Council of Advice be established. Each church to be
represented by its priest and a designated lay person. This was moved by Fr. Jim McTaggart
and seconded by Deacon Tom Hiter. Motion passed.

It was also moved and seconded that our next year’s convention location be in Branson,
Missouri, at St. Joseph’s Branson. Motion passed.

There was discussion regarding the date of the 2014 National Convention to be held in Prescott,
Arizona. Dates suggested for the Nationals Convention were not available at this time.

There was a motion that the day’s offering ($104.50) be used for the Bishop’s Travel
Fund. Moved by Fr. McTaggart; Seconded by Jack Sotallaro. Motion passed.

Bishop Hartley gave a brief report on the status of the diocese. Briefly summarized:
1 newly ordained priest, Rodney Jackson in Boaz, Alabama; 1 ordained deacon, Tom Hiter;
lost 2 priests: Fr. Caley and Fr. Dunklee; lost 1 parish, Fr. Dunklee’s; 1 new church building–St. Joseph’s in Branson.

The Anglican Bible and Book Society was mentioned.

Fr. Jerry Ellington led us in Evening Prayer.

Convention was adjourned at 2 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Leever

Note: Christ Chapel Council of Advice Members are: Deacon Tom Hiter and Lay person:
Judy James.

Discussion period

The 2013 annual convention of the Missionary Diocese of the South and Ozarks was held September 27 at St. Francis Anglican Church, Ava, Missouri.

Following Morning Prayer and Holy Communion clergy and delegates met for informal discussion on topics having impact on church life.  The first topic was the ageing out of church members, when many leave the church.  One likely age is 16 years when young people get their driving license and their first taste of independence.  Another is 21 years, the legally adult age when the demands of career and family take top priority.  Age 65 is another time when members leave church.  Retirement often leads to a move to a new community.  The present average age in many mainline churches is around 57 years.

Another topic was the general secularization of society.  We now have three generations with little or no church experience.  Many young people are afraid of church services and church buildings.  Each generation has more freedom and independence.  Non-traditional locations can bring people in, like cowboy churches.  One problem is that traditional churches must compete with modernized shallow churches.  Another challenge is how to reach out to the community.

With the general disbelief of society, good times do not require the church.  Among the young, traditional cycles of life are not important.  Such cycles showing life’s progression like baptism, confirmation, marriage, etc. have given way to getting a driver’s license and legally becoming an adult.

Young people communicate through social networks, so it is helpful to use facebook and twitter.  Publicity is important, being visible to the public is a must.  Working with other liturgical traditions keeps us in view of the community.  A possible means of being visible is to play up the English connection; Americans are anglophiles and at present there is much interest in England.  We should target special interests.

Another challenge we face is finances, especially as it relates to the need for full-time priests and paying for them.  People today just don’t contribute to church like they used to.  One solution in fund raising is to have set goals rather than just asking for money.

Most people, it seems, find churches on the Internet.  For the young facebook is very attractive.  On our websites, we need to remember to change them often, keep them current, and not be too churchy.