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Missionary Diocese of the South & Ozarks (UECNA)


The 2012 annual convention of the Missionary Diocese of the South & Ozarks began September 20 with Evening Prayer at St. Matthew’s Church in Rogers, Arkansas.  A fine dinner at Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant followed with fellowship, visiting with friends, meeting new clergy and visitors.

Next day, September 21, the meeting began with Morning Prayer and Holy Communion in honor of the feast of St. Matthew.  Afterward, new clergy and visitors were introduced and Bishop Glen Hartley announced the appointment of Fr. Tom Bradshaw to the position of Canon to the Ordinary.

Canon Bradshaw then addressed the convention about two projects he has been working on.  One of these projects is an Introduction to the Anglican Church: A Summary for Inquirers.  This is a course for newcomers and confirmands providing a starting place on which to build.

Sections include a brief history of the Anglican Church, the Book of Common Prayer, Creeds, Articles of Religion, the Reformation, the Caroline Divines, the Oxford Movement, the American Revolution and the Episcopal Church in America, the Affirmation of St. Louis and the establishment of the Continuing Church and the Anglican Church in America today.

Canon Bradshaw’s second project is a diocesan in-house clergy training program consisting of two levels.  It begins with an advance preparation section, then the first level is a one-year program leading to the diaconate.  Level two is a two-year program in preparation for the priesthood.  He also included a study guide for Anglicans in his presentation.

Now that a clergy training program is in place it will be easy to merge it with the national program when it is completed.

After a delicious luncheon provided by St. Matthew’s Church members, the business session began.  Bishop Hartley gave a state of the diocese report including a new parish in Oklahoma and some interest from outside the UECNA.  Representatives from five of the seven churches in the diocese attended:  St. Matthew’s, Rogers, Arkansas; St. Barnabas, Heber Springs, Arkansas; St. Francis, Ava, Missouri; St. Joseph’s, Branson, Missouri; and St. Thomas, Moore, Oklahoma.  Visitors were Tom and Millie Hiter of Kentucky.

Next year, the convention will be held at St. Francis in Ava, Missouri on a date to be determined later.

The meeting was adjourned and closed with Evening Prayer from the family section of the Book of Common Prayer.

Oct. 7, 2012  Trinity 18

Pro.  563  He who would valiant be

Ser.  272  Thou, whose almighty word

Ves.  189  And now, O Father

Rec.  138  We plow the fields


Oct. 14, 2012  Trinity 19

Pro.  513  Almighty Father strong to save

Ser.  345 (2)  The King of love

Ves.  536  Turn back, O man

Rec.  599  Ye watchers and ye holy ones


Oct. 21, 2012  Trinity 20

Pro.  545 (1)  Hail to the Lord’s Anointed

Ser.  145  Not alone

Ves.  343 (2)  Praise to the holiest

Rec.  313  We thank you, Lord


Oct. 28, 2012  Trinity 21

Pro.  569  Lo! What a cloud

Ser.  506  Father in heav’n

Ves.  450  As pants the hart

Rec.  597  Jerusalem the golden