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Aug. 4, 2013 Trinity 10
Pro. 385 Glorious things
Ser. 408 Take my life
Ves. 576 Come, labor on
Rec. 347 Allelulia, sing to Jesus

Aug. 11, 2013 Trinity 11
Pro. 467 Abide with me
Ser. 438 I need thee ev’ry hour
Ves. 422 What a friend we have
Rec. 471 (2) Rock of ages

Aug. 18, 2013 Trinity 12
Pro. 266 Holy, holy, holy
Ser. 574 (2) Lord, speak to me
Ves. 157 (2) Father, we praise thee
Rec. 301 Immortal, invisible

Aug. 25, 2013 Trinity 13
Pro. 396 The church’s one foundation
Ser. 375 (2) Breathe on me, breath of God
Ves. 259 Fling out the banner
Rec. 311 All things bright and beautiful

We have a new clergyman in the Missionary Diocese of the South and Ozarks, Deacon Thomas Y. Hiter of Kentucky.  Deacon Tom, his wife, Millie, and several members of his congregation made the trip to St. Francis Church for the special event.  Following the service a reception was held in Heigham Hall in honor of the new deacon.  We hade a wonderful afternoon of fine food, visiting, and getting acquainted with our new Kentucky church family.