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Feb. 2, 2014  Epiphany 4

Pro.  48  Earth has many a noble city

Ser.  46  Brightest and best

Ves.  50 (1)  Saw you never

Rec.  10  On Jordan’s bank


Feb. 9, 2014  Epiphany 5

Pro.  54  Allelulia, songs of gladness

Ser.  328  By cool Siloam’s shady rill

Ves.  53  Songs of thankfulness

Rec.  545  Hail to the Lord’s anointed


Feb.  16, 2014  Septuagesima

Pro.  550  Am I a soldier of the cross

Ser.  557  Awake, my soul

Ves.  560  Fight the good fight

Rec.  565  Breast the wave, Christian


Feb. 23, 2014  Sexagesima

Pro.  563  He who would valiant be

Ser.  558  Oft in danger

Ves.  401  Behold a sower

Rec.  564  How firm a foundation

Following services and a delicious luncheon January 19, the first Vestry Meeting of 2014 was conducted at St. Francis Church.  Many items were addressed in a full agenda.

Reports were given on attendance averages over the last nine years and  Bishop Hartley reported he had traveled 3,179 church miles during the past year.  Appreciation was expressed for several special gifts to St. Francis Church during 2013.  It was suggested, as much as possible, to treat this year as a “year of austerity.”

The Vestry voted to provide expenses for our delegates to attend the National Convention this May.  And plans are underway for a new Christmas eve service book.

Spring work day was set for April 6 with April 13 as the rain date.  Our annual Pancake Day will be March 2; great stress was given to the idea that the men of St. Francis should do the cooking.

Also, a sampling of small Jerusalem cross pins was distributed as part of a “silent witness” project now underway.  It is assumed that the unusual shape of the pins will encourage questions that will give the wearer an opportunity to talk about St. Francis Church.

Jan. 5, 2014  Christmas 2

Pro.  13 (1)  While shepherds watched

Ser.  20  Of the Father’s love begotten

Ves.  31  Good Christian Men

Rec.  40  God rest ye merry gentlemen


Jan. 12, 2014  Epiphany 1

Pro.  52  As with gladness

Ser.  46 (1)  Brightest and best

Ves.  53  Songs of thankfulness

Rec.  51  We three kings


Jan. 19, 2014  Epiphany 2

Pro.  49  From the eastern mountains

Ser.  50 (2)  Saw you never

Ves.  440 (2)  Watchman, tell us of the night

Rec.  48  Earth has many a noble city


Jan. 26, 2014  Epiphany 3

Pro.  47  What star is this

Ser.  328  By cool Siloam’s shady rill

Ves.  30  The first Nowell

Rec.  52  As with gladness